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What you know and who you are

Write what you know, they say. We always answer back: But what about this one, or that one who didn’t exactly know, if you know what I mean—I mean, what about In Cold Blood? How about Philip K. Dick, whose classic novel was made into a film called Blade Runner? Peter Robb wrote a detailed biography of someone he’d never met, based on almost no information about his subject’s life.[…]

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The art of delay – procrastination as a means to an end

In our hurry-up, gotta-have-it, don’t-waste-a-minute world where productivity is the holy grail and idleness is the biggest loser, missing a deadline looms larger than original sin. All the excuses in the world cannot expiate the offender. It doesn’t matter how clever, intriguing, original, bizarre or, even in the end, true the excuse may be, the offense is never fully forgiven. The offendee can righteously shrug a shoulder, wave a hand[…]

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