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Iguazú Falls

A week before a planned trip back to the US, I booked a mini-tour to Puerto Iguzú in the northern part of Argentina. At the junction of Brasil, Paraguay and Uruguay, it’s home to the Cataratas del Iguazú – Iguaçu Falls in Portuguese. Each of the countries has its own airport, all in a relatively small area in the Amazon jungle. I toured the Güira-oga Refuge, a terrific program that[…]

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Montevideo’s distinctive architecture

City buildings are a mix of readily identifiable designs, spanning more than a century. As in any big city, sometimes you have to look for the treasure amid the everyday, but you don’t have to do it on your own. Guru’guay (the absolute best site for what’s going on and what’s recommended) has unearthed a little-known gem of an architectural guide to the city. Take a look at details about[…]

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The feria

Wednesday, so it’s feria day in the part of town where I’m staying. The farmers market takes over the streets, starting about half a block from the house and extending 3 city blocks, both sides of the street. Trucks and hand trolleys, crates and canopies. Setup is underway by 9 in the morning, though that’s pretty early for Uruguayans. But it wasn’t overly crowded then so I could explore. Dozens[…]

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