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Welcome to my journal of thoughts-in-progress and ideas in the process of becoming… something. Some thing else.

About Martha

Based in southern California most of my life, I’ve been inspired by the sunlight as a photographer and by the shadows as a writer. I’m uncomfortable being categorized and classified, I am addicted to learning on my own. I seek pathways that take me around corners, down a new road, end up off the grid.

Trained as a costume designer for the theatre and curious about most everything, I’ve survived day jobs in fields ranging from law to marketing – but I definitely prefer the occasional glory, potential heartbreak and guaranteed wonky checking account as a freelance writer and photographer.

Most of my work ends up exploring the often-elusive creative process in the complex and intriguing world of the performing arts. I’ve received awards for scriptwriting, exhibited my artworks in galleries throughout the United States and worked as a special-interest speaker aboard cruise ships.

People often list pubic speaking as one of their greatest fears, but I love it. Maybe that proximity, the attraction, to the stage explains why I learned to revel in being hooked up with a lavalier mic in front of an audience.

Creating art, in whatever medium, is a solitary activity and I enjoy spending days alone at my desk, researching and writing. There’s no audience, but I’m never alone in a studio or at a worktable because I’m with sketchpads, hammers, paints, tangible objects. These visible friends feed my spirit as I work at taking the fun of artmaking seriously.

Currently, I’m adjusting to southern-hemisphere influences, de-stressing, finding a balance between completely relaxed and being able to tap into the energy of a vibrant urban environment.  ¿Quién sabe qué será lo próximo?


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