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Welcome to my journal of thoughts-in-progress and ideas in the process of becoming… something. Some thing else.

About Martha

Unlike those who are comfortable being categorized and classified, I’m addicted to learning things on my own. I seek pathways that are off the grid. My books are self-published, with text, design and photography of my own.

Most of my work ends up exploring the often-elusive creative process in the complex and intriguing world of the performing arts. Maybe it makes sense that I’m just as happy  hooked up with a lavalier mic in front of an audience as I am spending days alone at my desk, researching, writing, taking the fun of artmaking seriously.

Curious about most everything, I’ve survived day jobs in fields ranging from law to marketing, but prefer the occasional glory, potential heartbreak and guaranteed wonky checking account as a freelance writer and photographer. Trained as a theatre costume designer, I’ve received awards for scriptwriting, worked as a speaker aboard cruise ships and exhibited works in galleries throughout the United States.

Based in southern California most of my life, I’ve been inspired by its sunlight as a photographer and by the shadows as a writer. Currently, I’m reacting to southern-hemisphere influences, living a life mucho más tranquila in Uruguay. ¿Quién sabe qué será lo próximo?


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