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“Finish” isn’t a word in an artist’s dictionary

Attention to detail can turn into paralyzing perfectionism in nothing flat. The former is a wonderful characteristic to have, while the latter prevents me from completing work — and moving on to something new. I’m hardly alone in this; most artists have this problem. It’s the nothing-is-ever-quite-good-enough reaction that comes from turning your insides out and putting them on canvas or paper or some other tangible thing, held up for[…]

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Ignoring the rules

I can get pretty wound up with everything I’m juggling and, every now and then, I need a remedial lesson in breaking through walls and trusting my instincts. Here’s one of those from a few years back, a week-long reminder: There’s an indulgence in letting oneself go, an indulgence we don’t often given in to. Can I creep closer to that edge between reality and madness, like some of the[…]

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