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Iguazú Falls

A week before a planned trip back to the US, I booked a mini-tour to Puerto Iguzú in the northern part of Argentina. At the junction of Brasil, Paraguay and Uruguay, it’s home to the Cataratas del Iguazú – Iguaçu Falls in Portuguese. Each of the countries has its own airport, all in a relatively small area in the Amazon jungle. I toured the Güira-oga Refuge, a terrific program that[…]

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Whispers From the Other Side of the World

Under slightly more than half a moon, the curve of a bay and a silhouette of rooflines emerge though blue-black-blue darkness. Silence is thick. Only a few stars remain visible with moonset still an hour away. The cool of night’s transition into morning feels heavy on my skin like a veil of fog, though there is none. But the arrival of the sun will transform the island. “Whatever you do,”[…]

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