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Estoy aprendiendo español

u-juanMi profesor, Juan, patiently writing out my lessons at Spanish Uruguay School.

The best part is the first half hour of our class meeting, where we just talk. I get practice listening and trying to come up with the vocabulary to say what I mean. It can be a recitation of what I did that morning (going to the farmacia) or questions about customs or history of Uruguay, or traveling or anything else. Juan just lets me make all the mistakes in the world so as not to interrupt.

Today, though, we took a step back when I didn’t even understand the sentences in the exercise book, so how could I decide whether to put POR or PARA in the blanks? Okay, so it’s freakin’ hard enough to make those decisions when one DOES understand the context! Ay ay.

We decided to cut the lessons down from 3 hours a day to 2. In a group class, you get a bit of a rest but one on one, it’s pretty intense. ¡Ay! ¡A mí me duele la cabeza!