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ML Hart Recommends

ML Hart Recommends is a portal for delving into topics of interest. Whether you find artistry and craft in galleries, workshops, theatres or somewhere entirely unexpected, I’ve collected memories and opinions and links from around the world to share. Indulge your curiosity with my recommendations to learn more and explore both the familiar and the new.

Sit back, pick a category and be surprised, amazed or inspired.

ML Hart recommends what to read


Reviews & recommendations: Classic to modern, to-be-read


ML Hart recommends theatre

Drama & Dance

The world’s stages: What’s on, what’s trending, what intrigues


ML Hart recommends opera


Onstage & backstage: Past and future, what works, what doesn’t


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Artists & Craft

Creative process: Who makes art and how, and why it matters


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Film & TV

Favorites and influences: Behind the scenes and camera-ready


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Playing now: Reviewing unforgettable melody, harmony, rhythm


Each member of the audience, every viewer and listener and reader receives a performance in their own way.

You might be at a play or a concert or a poetry slam. Perhaps you’re reading a book or binge-watching a TV series. We all bring our own set of filters when we pay attention and participate. Life-knowledge and cultural background and exposure to a range of artistic input create a unique layer of filters, neither good nor bad. They help define who we are, as an individual or a member of the collective – the audience.

This is the jumping off point. I’ve started this dialogue with my subjective thoughts and invite you to join in by commenting and sharing your unique-to-you experiences.