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Renting la casa

yard and yellow house in Uruguay

Visited again today with the owners of the house I’m renting for the next year and a half. Here’s the avocado tree in the back yard, or part of the tree – it’s about 20 feet high.

I met the owners last month, lovely couple who have lived here for 7 or 8 years. Originally from Germany with no English but very good Spanish. Me with my elementary Spanish and no German plus residual from a cold, absolutely no voice in any register beyond a whisper and squeak.

Somehow, we managed to get through the final negotiations in Spanish. What fun!

Today was for final instructions on how to light the stove, flip circuit breakers, shut off the water, start up the world’s largest weed whacker, feed the wood-burning stove (for heat) and what to do with the ashes (into the garden), use the washing machine (no dryer, just lines and clothespins). Also how to pay the utility bills and when the bus stops in front of the u-avenidahouse (on the intersecting road, which was just paved 2 weeks ago).

This is my street, clearly the unpaved one. The house is behind the trees to the right. Lots of solitude. Estoy muy feliz.. And looking forward to devoting full time to TheTenorBook.