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Mixing things up

As I start getting back into the book, I’m running into options. Forks in the path. This is my favorite part of a writing project, the not-knowing-where-it’s-going. Can’t wait to see the twists and turns it will take (and take me with it) towards the final form. The way I answer the questions that come up helps determine that path, of course. Here’s one: cameras and film. When I go[…]

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Camera Lineage

Robert Godwin Jr with his 8x10 view camera

In my journeys with cameras, I’ve worked almost exclusively in black and white, enjoying the affinity I have for the shades and grays—and for film. As digital cameras started to become more available, I stopped shooting. Though I now have a digital SLR and find it to be utilitarian, it’s just not the same kind of creative tool. It feels wrong in my hand, not like my heavy-metal Minoltas, and[…]

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Whispers From the Other Side of the World

map showing Greek islands in Aegean Sea

Under slightly more than half a moon, the curve of a bay and a silhouette of rooflines emerge though blue-black-blue darkness. Silence is thick. Only a few stars remain visible with moonset still an hour away. The cool of night’s transition into morning feels heavy on my skin like a veil of fog, though there is none. But the arrival of the sun will transform the island. “Whatever you do,”[…]

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