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Learning to love la vida tranquila

Empty winter streets in the Centro, Atlántida, Uruguay

Everything is a little slower here, which is a welcome change. But it’s taking some getting used to. The picture shows a view of downtown Atlántida – the centro – in winter. It’s a tourist town that comes alive from mid-December to the end of February, and nearly all restaurants and many other businesses close down for the rest of the year. Houses in the centro are now shuttered, with[…]

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Am I now, or have I ever been?

Things are not what they seem. Depending on the day, my world can range from slightly off balance to pretty much skewed to completely upside down. Talking about a life in balance and taking care of oneself, that’s all well and good – in theory. But taking care of even one “self” is a challenge (I’m supposed to say) or pretty flippin’ impossible if you ask me, what with the[…]

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