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How to write a book, 15 minutes at a time

What, am I nuts? I work full time at a high-stress job. I go to school at night. I’m the sole caretaker for my 84-year old mother. And I think I’m going to write another book? Me? I don’t have time to write. That was a year and a couple months ago. This week I’m taking a look at a test book — effectively a press proof — and my[…]

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“Finish” isn’t a word in an artist’s dictionary

Attention to detail can turn into paralyzing perfectionism in nothing flat. The former is a wonderful characteristic to have, while the latter prevents me from completing work — and moving on to something new. I’m hardly alone in this; most artists have this problem. It’s the nothing-is-ever-quite-good-enough reaction that comes from turning your insides out and putting them on canvas or paper or some other tangible thing, held up for[…]

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What you know and who you are

closeup of fingerprint whorls, digitized in blue

Write what you know, they say. We always answer back: But what about this one, or that one who didn’t exactly know, if you know what I mean—I mean, what about In Cold Blood? How about Philip K. Dick, whose classic novel was made into a film called Blade Runner? Peter Robb wrote a detailed biography of someone he’d never met, based on almost no information about his subject’s life.[…]

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