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Taxi! Taxi!

One day in Montevideo, my Spanish class ended two hours earlier than usual, at 3 pm. Generally, we just call for a taxi – that means Juan calls for a taxi, as talking on the phone is still beyond my skill level and ability to understand! – and several minutes later, there it is.

But the shift ends at 3 for all the regular drivers, so none were available. It took nearly an hour of calling and recalling, finally got what I’d say is a gypsy cab, three times the price. The point is that even with plentiful public transportation and a city full of buses and cabs, this ain’t Manhattan. We’re on Uruguayo time, and it’s a different vibe.

Here in Atlántida, it’s also a different vibe. Small beach town compared to the capital city. I’d originally planned to get a bicycle or a moto, but my knees won’t be happy on a bike and the moto seemed an unnecessary expense for occasional use, particularly since I wouldn’t use it on the ruta – the highway.

So I ride the bus and take taxis. It takes a bit of planning sometimes, since the buses don’t come by as frequently as they do in the city, but costs are reasonable. They’ve gone up during summer, what with all the tourists – will be interesting to see if the fares go back to normal after the vacation season is over.

Many of the taxistas – the drivers – know me now, and I often don’t have to say anything when I get in the cab. Benefits of living in a small town!