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The feria

Wednesday, so it’s feria day in the part of town where I’m staying. The farmers market takes over the streets, starting about half a block from the house and extending 3 city blocks, both sides of the street.

Trucks and hand trolleys, crates and canopies. Setup is underway by 9 in the morning, though that’s pretty early for Uruguayans. But it wasn’t overly crowded then so I could explore. u-feria-1

Dozens and dozens of booths with vegetables and fruits, packaged foods, a few stalls with miscellaneous things – shoes and purses, spoons and jewelry. And food trucks of a sort, not where you’d get lunch, but meat, cheeses and seafood.

Prices are often chalked onto a slate – I saw a young woman rinsing off yesterday’s version and writing in today’s prices. Most everything is sold by the kilo, so all the vendors have scales. I talked with a few of them and they were kind enough to answer my questions. Sí, this fish is local, from the river; salmon and shellfish are imported from Chile, mostly. I’m definitely intrigued by the calamari.