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Posted in: Uruguay

Visit to the farmacia

u-farmaciaToday I went to the farmacia all by myself to get sunscreen – crema protector solar. Asked for what I wanted, how much it cost, all that. Talking to BF on Skype afterwards, he asks, “You did that in Spanish??” Well, duh. What else?

The farmacia is more like a “drugstore” in the US, with skin care products and makeup, nail polish, chewing gum, band-aids and similar stuff. They also fill a prescription if the medical clinic doesn’t have it. The pharmacists are very nice, attentive, helpful.

Most of the shops, though, are not self-serve (only for some sections). This is more true for smaller neighborhood shops, like the one across the street from my family’s house. The color of the building always helped me realize I was on the right street, when riding the bus back home.

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