a journal of observations, obsessions and inspirations

Words and Images

montage of vintage typewriter keys with modern camera lens

Photography. Interviews. Images. Words.

They don’t exists as separate beings, but interweave in a complex dance. Trial and error and hands-on experience showed me that I use my cameras the same way I use a tape recorder: to get under a person’s skin, find out who they are.

I’ll experiment with the camera because things are seen differently through a viewfinder – when you put a frame around a scene, when you impose restrictions. Clarity is often the result or a shift in perspective occurs, leading me to something new. The same thing happens when I write with a pen on paper instead of using the keyboard. I often write to sort out my thinking on a topic, identify how I feel, clarify what I see.

Looking forward to exploring with cameras, for no practical purpose beyond discovery. I still prefer film to digital, the nuances and inherent poetry in the traditional methods.

Eagerly anticipating wrestling with the stage plays that live in my head, occasionally spilling over to paper in the form of a sketch or a scene.

What’s in this section: stories, photo sequences, or both together.