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Creativity – Inspiration & Discovery

drawing of imaginary brain in monochrome on left, color on right

Maybe it’s not always the path rather than the destination, but it’s what takes the most time, the most effort, the most get-up-again-when-you-fall. In my book, you gotta love the process.

By the time I was 19, I’d planned to be a ballerina or an FBI agent and/or a brain surgeon, until I knew I was a writer. For the next [many] years, intimidated by the power and the responsibility of writing, I distracted myself by working in any other field, from theatre to law.

I studied painting, and in the process of actually putting paint on canvas, discovered that abstract art starts with some thing and evolves from that. Also learned how to finish a piece and how to keep going, because it’s the doing that reveals what needs to be done. Or as my painting teacher said, quoting his own teacher, “Out of the act of painting comes a painting.” It’s the same with everything I do.

All the detours led to photography and writing and the resulting work is, in many ways, an exploration of the creative process itself.