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Through my lens

iris in camera lens

The camera as an extension of my hand. A lens with a viewpoint. The photographic process can be a revealing exploration of both subject and self.

Trying to assign labels can be a useful exercise if you’re looking for in-the-moment guideposts. But it’s easy to get caught up in the semantics, and labels can confine.

A photograph is all the more effective if it breaks through our barriers, our perceptions, inviting us to see beyond to another place… or time… or self.

So if I have to call my style of photography something, then the label I’d choose would certainly include ‘journalism‘ or ‘documentary.’ I like people, not still life or big empty landscapes. I figured out early on that I prefer live-action shooting rather than static set-ups, and that lends a reportage approach to my work. I see this in my series with musicians, dancers, opera and interviews.