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Travel – Far & Familiar Horizons

a woman stands on a rocky beach gazing across the ocean towards the horizon

Six weeks of combined experiences in two language/culture immersion programs in México changed me forever. After returning home, a year of discussions and ideas, decisions and explorations led to a decision to retire early, sell most everything and move to South America to chase a dream.

Mostly, I want to finish my in-progress book. Play with cameras and paints, write some more, a lot more. Catch up on a ton of reading and build a family of friends.

I’ve been reminded lately, too many times, that life is both short and unpredictable. And I don’t want to end up with a list of regrets. So for a few years, I’ve come to visit and live and be immersed in an environment that lets me do these things. Making a big move like this isn’t for everyone and it hasn’t been without its challenges. I’m noting discoveries and speed bumps and all that’s in between. So for all the surprising reactions on a daily basis, to the new-to-me environment, I’m both observer and participant as experiences impact my life and my work.

Let’s see what’s out there.