a journal of observations, obsessions and inspirations

Writing – Hardwired for Story

montage for communication with vintage typewriter keys, cursive script, hieroglyphics

I like to watch” was the catchy phrase from a Jerry Kosinski screenplay, Being There. In the film, it referred to something other than travel, but being there is what I do – who I am – in a new place, emphasis on being.

But that being and observation sometimes needs stillness. Working hard at seeing can mean I miss something else because I’m concentrating in another direction. It’s all about choosing. When I’m shooting, I always take time to look up, look wider than the lens, look around, often at what’s behind me. If writing in my journal, I watch more than I write. All of it becomes my personalized experience, not one decided on by another person. Not neatly packaged up.

This is a portfolio of my curiosity, in words and images. Stay tuned, because I’m always adding to it.